Earn money from NFT tokens! Invest and get income

The NFT token you buy brings constant, passive income


Get tokens. Get lifetime income

Get free tokens

Get tokens for a fee

Improve your tokens

Get profit

Курс обмена AMA на BNB

Your goal is to mine tokens with the highest weight

The greater the weight of the token, the more it earns. You can get tokens for free and for a fee


The more your share of the weight in the project, the more you earn


You have mined a token with a weight of 100

Total weight of other users 900

Someone buys a new token for $100

Distribution of profits from the new token according to the share of your weight

Someone bought a token







Get tokens. Get lifetime income

Project roadmap:

Первый этап до 20 декабря 2023

A unique chance to enter the project at an early stage of its development! We will sell a small number of extra tokens at minimal prices for those who trust us and work with us. Presale 500,000 extra tokens

Pre-sale of tokens

Второй этап с 25 по 31 декабря 2023

Presale 10,000 extra tokens at a reduced price. For 1 purchased extra token - you get 2.

Pre-sale of tokens

Третий этап до 27 июня 2024

Выпуск AMA на основе блокчейн технологий. Запуск свободного оборота AMA в обращение на ресурсе.

Access to exchanges

Третий этап до 30 августа 2025

Exit of extra tokens to exchanges