You can easily make money on epochs! in each subsequent era, the cost of NFTs increases, and the weight remains the same, buying NFTs at an early era will provide you with a certain weight. As the price of NFT increases, you will get more money from NFT purchases by other users!

Epochs are predefined in the algorithm. Epochs store various characteristics regarding NFT tokens and Extra tokens. The following characteristics are affected by the era:

  • The initial weight of the NFT token.
  • The final weight of the NFT token.
  • NFT token lifetime.
  • NFT token respawn time.
  • Number of extra tokens to be credited

The transition between epochs depends on the total weight of all tokens in the system. This means that when you or someone else buys a new token, its weight is added to the total weight, and as soon as this total weight crosses the border of the current era, a new era will begin.

As a rule, the higher the era, the higher all indicators in it, including the initial weight and initial price of NFT tokens. Therefore, the more NFT tokens you get at the lowest possible epoch, the more profitable it is for you.