Automatic buying rules

For the convenience of buying NFT tokens, you can use automatic rules. By setting the rules, they will try to redeem each NFT token according to your parameters.

To purchase NFT tokens, we recommend using the configured rules. there is no guarantee that a new NFT token will be generated while you are on the site.

There are currently 3 types of rules:

  1. Buy an NFT token when its price decreases by x%. Example: let's assume that according to the condition of the epoch, the initial price of an NFT token is $10, by setting the parameter of this filter to 50%, you will attempt to buy an NFT token when its price is $5. Recall that from the moment of birth to the moment of closing the NFT token, its price, and, accordingly, its weight is constantly decreasing.
  2. Buy an NFT token at its starting price. This rule will force you to make an attempt to buy an NFT token at the time of its creation.
  3. Raise auction: buy an NFT token if the bid is the highest. You can set the percentage increase in your bet, the number of raises and the limit above which you do not intend to trade. Example:
    • Starting token price = $1
    • % price increase we indicated 10
    • the number of repetitions we indicated 5
    • % of the specified limit 50
    Then our auction steps sum up the values:
    • 1.1 $
    • 1,21 $
    • 1,33 $
    • 1,46 $
    • 1,61 $

    In this case, our purchase limit will be $1.5 (since we specified a limit of 50%), therefore, only 4 of our bids will participate in the auction ($1.1, $1.21, $1.33 and 1.46 $), the $1.61 bet is over the limit and will not participate.

    The auction is held automatically at the time of the birth of each token according to all the rules of this type of all users. The NFT token will be sold to the user with the highest bid or for the first bid if only one user has created a rule of this type.