NFT tokens NFTama

NFT tokens are born at regular intervals according to the current epoch. For more information about epochs, see the corresponding help section. NFT token is characterized by the following parameters:

Why do we need NFT tokens?

NFT tokens, due to their weight characteristic, provide their owner with a certain share in the overall system. This share, in turn, ensures your earnings from the sale of the following NFT tokens by other users:


Purchases by other users

Your earnings: 41$

Also, the share ensures your earnings of Extra tokens. For more information about Extra tokens, see the relevant section. As long as the NFT token lives, any user of the system can buy it. Because the price of the token is constantly decreasing (its weight is also decreasing), you can wait until the price of the token is acceptable for you and then buy it. But remember that the lower the price of the token, the lower its weight and the smaller the share it will provide you - hence the lower earnings. You can buy an NFT token through the interface on the main page of your personal account. When the NFT token is active in the interface, it is displayed as shown in the image below: We recommend using the configured rules for automatic purchase of tokens instead of manually buying NFT tokens. You can read more about the rules for buying NFT tokens in the relevant help section. All unredeemed tokens are distributed free of charge randomly. The weight of the NFT token being played will be equal to a random result from the minimum weight of the given NFT token divided by 3 according to the current era to the minimum weight of the NFT token increased by 20% divided by 2. The life cycle of a token is shown in the following diagrams:

A graph of the life cycle of an NFT token, provided that this token is NOT redeemed by users.

The weight and value of the token is calculated as it “ages”

Starting weight 10

starting price 1$

Weight at time of sale 1

Price at the time of sale 0$

birth point NFT 1

Closing point of the token

In the chart above, at the closing point of the NFT token, the token is drawn among the participants. The weight of the played token will be from 1 to 1.2 randomly.

The graph of the life cycle of an NFT token, subject to the redemption of this token by the user.

Starting weight of NFT 1 10

NFT starting price 1 1$

Weight at time of sale 5

Price at the time of sale 0,5$

birth point NFT 1

Token lifetime

Buying NFTs

Birth period of NFT

NFT birth point 2

Initial NFT weight 2

NFT starting price 2