Moneyback is an opportunity to return the money spent on the purchase of NFT tokens within your due share. This means that by buying an NFT token for $100 and having a weight of 20% - the maximum possible moneyback for you will be $20. We believe that in this case $ 20 is a 100% return.

Moneyback is affected by your total weight in the system. For example, if your weight is in the range from 0% to 19% - moneyback will be 100%, but if from 80% to 90%, then moneyback will be only 30%. If we take the example above, then this will be 30% of $20 and will equal $6. The decrease in moneyback with an increase in the share of the user's weight was created to reduce the monopoly influence of individual users on the system as a whole.

Moneyback can be raised by appropriate modifications. For more information about modifications, see the corresponding help section.

In total, there are 5 levels of modifications that affect the moneyback:
Level 1 - increased moneyback by 3%
Level 2 - increased moneyback by 6%
Level 3 - increased moneyback by 9%
Level 4 - increased moneyback by 12%
Level 5 - increased moneyback by 15%

In our example, if we assume that the user account has the fifth level of development of the moneyback modification, we will get a 15% increase in returnable funds. Those. 6$ + 15% = 6.9$